Lipödeema.fi is website created by me . In 2017, I discovered that I have lymphatic disease called lipedema. I couldn´t find any information about lipedema in Finnish, so I decided to set up this site for people to find information. I went to different doctors for 15 years and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. I have set up my own finnish Facebook support group that runs by the name Lipödeema Suomi. I will write here about lipedema based on my own experiences and official research. I went to Germany for liposuction and got a new life through surgeries. I hope my story inspires others and gives you hope for the future. I believe that you can live a happy life even without surgeries. However, surgeries were the right choice for me.

Link to my Lipedema Finland group here (opens in new window). Group language is primary finnish.
You can also follow my life with lipedema through social media icons.